Radio-TV Broadcast History

This is a list of past and present personalities from WAGA, the Fox owned and operated station in Atlanta, Georgia.

News team[]

Current on-air staff[]

    • Portia Bruner - weekdays at noon, fill-in for Good Day Atlanta and 4 a.m., 5 a.m. and 6 p.m. newscasts, also reporter at 5 and 6 p.m. (when not filling in).
    • Courtney Bryant - weeknights at 5 a.m. , 6 and 10 p.m.
    • Deidra Dukes - weekends at 6 a.m., 10 a.m. and 11 p.m., also a reporter.
    • Alyse Eady - weekdays on Good Day Atlanta (4:30 a.m.,5 a.m and 10 a.m.)
    • Ron Gant - weekdays on Good Day Atlanta (6 and 7 a.m.)
    • Tom Haynes - weekdays at 5 and 11 p.m.
    • Buck Lanford - weekdays on Good Day Atlanta (8 and 9 a.m.)
    • Sharon Lawson - weekdays on Good Day Atlanta (6 a.m. ,7 a.m. , 8 a.m. and 9 a.m.)
    • Kaitlyn Pratt - weekends on Good Day Atlanta (6a.m., 7 a.m. and 8 a.m.)
    • Russ Spencer - weekdays at 6 and 10 p.m.
    • Christine Sperow - weekdays at 4 p.m. and 11 p.m.
Sports team[]
Sky FOX Traffic[]
The Georgia Gang[]

Past news staff[]

Name Position at WAGA Years Active Whereabouts
Nicole Allshouse General Assignment Reporter 2007 co-host of 'Talk of Alabama' at WBMA-LP
Jim Axel Anchor/Reporter 1962-1996 Deceased
Marc Bailey Morning Anchor/Reporter/"Good Day Atlanta" Co-Host 1998-2002 now at XETV-TV
Ryan Beesley Weekend Morning Meteorologist 2017-2023
Richard Belcher Anchor/Reporter 1975-1990 now at WSB-TV
Craig Bell general assignment reporter
Rick Blalock General Assignment Reporter
Tana Brackin Weekend Anchor/Reporter 1994-2004
Carey Coleman Meteorologist
Lee Cook Weekend Sports Anchor 1973-1975
Jenna Cooper General Assignment Reporter 2003-2005
Angeline Correa Hartmann Reporter/"Georgia's Most Wanted" Correspondent 1996-2005 now at Fox's America's Most Wanted
Tom Corvin General Assignment Reporter
Lisa Crane Reporter/Anchor 2002-2007
Logan Crawford General Assignment Reporter/Substitute Anchor
Sharon Crowley General Assignment Reporter now at WTXF-TV
Danielle Dardashti Freelance Reporter now at Connect With Kids
Carolyn Day General Assignment Reporter
Amanda Davis Anchor/Reporter 1986-2013 Deceased
Gurvir Dhindsa Morning Anchor/Good Day Atlanta Co-Host 1997-2000 now at WGCL-TV
Morse Diggs General Assignment Reporter 1982-2023
Kiet Do General Assignment Reporter now at KPIX-TV
John Doyle Weatherman 1990-1997 retired from broadcasting; currently doing voice-overs, working part-time as a bailiff at the Gwinnett County Courthouse

Stacey Elgin

General assignment reporter

Charles Ely General Assignment Reporter 1978-1979 now at KTUL
Tracy Flanagan General Assignment Reporter 2002-2006 Spokesperson for the Fulton County Sheriff's Office
Art Franklin Weekend Anchor/Reporter 2005-2008 Retired from news broadcasting on 5/31/2008 to pursue other interests
Jana Gentry General Assignment Reporter now at WPEZ-FM
George Franco General Assignment Reporter 2005-2020
Cynthia Good Anchor/Reporter 1986-1997 Founding Editor/CEO of Pink Magazine
Virginia Gunn PM Atlanta co-host
Bill Hartman Sports Anchor/Reporter 1970-1971 and 1975-1996 Retired from WSB-TV at the end of August 2008 and returned to WAGA-TV in October 2009
Christy Henderson Morning Meteorologist 1999-2002 now at WSPA/WYCW-TV
Andy Hiller Political Reporter 1972-1977 now at WHDH-TV in Boston
Roy Hobbs 5PM Anchor/Reporter 1997-2003 Deceased
Jeff Hullinger Sports Anchor/Reporter 1984-2002 now at GPB
Russ Jamieson Reporter 1981-1993 a partner at Broadcast Solutions, a production company
Felicia Jeter Anchor/Reporter 1973-1982
Bob Johnson General Assignment Reporter 1969-1974 last seen at WTVC-TV
Margo Johnson Traffic Reporter 2006 Currently doing traffic at WGST
Cheryl Jones Morning Weather Anchor 1987-1988
Yvette Jones Traffic Reporter 2005-2006
Melissa Jue General Assignment Reporter 1994-2001 employed with KEF-Media Associates in Atlanta
Jim Kaiserski Closer Look Reporter ?-1995
Keith Kalland Traffic Reporter/Pilot 1987-2002 Deceased
Paul Kenney General Assignment Reporter
Sachi Koto Reporter 1975-1977 heads a public relations firm
Alexa Liacko Multimedia Journalist 2018-2020 now a correspondent for the E.W. Scripps Company in Denver, CO
Nancy Loveland Meteorologist ?-1999
Ken MacLeod Anchor/Reporter 1990-1998 now at WBZ-TV/WSBK-TV
Jacque Maddox Anchor/Reporter 1974-1987 Deceased
Karen Maginnis Weekend meteorologist 2002-2006 now at CNN
John Marler Anchor/Reporter 1990-1995 last seen at WHDH-TV Boston
Brett Martin Good Day Atlanta "Road Warrior"/Entertainment Reporter 2007 last seen at WGCL-TV
Pam Martin Anchor/Reporter/Meteorologist 1978-1989 now at WSB-TV
Dave Michaels Anchor/Reporter/Mr. Pix children's program 1963-1971
Steve Milone Weekend morning meteorologist and Weather Producer 2000-2014
Charles Molineaux Reporter/Fill-In Anchor 2005-2008
Marc Mooney General Assignment Reporter
Chuck Moore Anchor/Reporter 1972-1980 Deceased
Karla Moore Sports Anchor 1996-1999
Joyce Morgan Reporter 1983-1984
Don Naylor Producer, Announcer, Singer, Actor, and Director 1951-1959 Deceased
April Nelson General Assignment Reporter/Fill-In Anchor ?-1997 formerly of WGCL-TV, moved to Egypt
Deborah Norville Anchor/Reporter 1978-1981 Inside Edition anchor
Paul Ossmann Meteorologist 1988-1998 last seen at WGCL-TV
Patty Pan general assignment reporter 2007-2010
John Patrick PM Atlanta co-host
Trevor Pettiford General Assignment Reporter 1998-2005 last at WVTM-TV
Leroy Powell General Assignment Reporter formerly of Georgia Public Broadcasting; Deceased
Paul Reynolds Troubleshooter Reporter 1980-1990
MaryEllen Resendez General Assignment Reporter 1990s now at KNXV
Danielle Reese General Assignment Reporter 2004-2005 last seen at WXIA-TV
Doug Richards General Assignment Reporter 1986-2007 now at WXIA-TV
Ken Roberts Anchor/Reporter
Robin Roberts Anchor/Reporter 1988-1990 now at ABC's Good Morning America
Angela Robinson Anchor/Reporter 1978-1983 now at WPBA-TV
Dan Ronan General Assignment Reporter now at AAA Texas/New Mexico as Corporate Communications Manager
Dale Russell I-Team Senior Investigative Reporter 1985-2023
Sharon Saunders Anchor/Reporter
Forrest Sawyer Anchor/Reporter 1980-1985 formerly of MSNBC; occasional substitute anchor for NBC News
Glenn Schwartz Meteorologist 1978-1983 now at WCAU-TV
Sally Sears Belcher General Assignment Reporter 1984-1995 now at WGCL-TV; married to WSB's Richard Belcher
Mary Shalvarjian General Assignment Reporter 1990-1994
Guy Sharpe Meteorologist 1968-1977 Retired from WXIA-TV in Atlanta in 1996. After retiring worked at WGFS radio in Covington. Deceased.
Paul Shields Anchor/Reporter/News Director 1965-1991 Deceased
Tony Shin General Assignment Reporter 2001-2003 now at KNSD-TV
Jim Shuler General Assignment Reporter 1980-1990
Orelon Sidney Weekend/Substitute Meteorologist 2006-2007 now a Freelance Meteorologist at The Weather Channel
Janette Smith Morning Anchor/Good Day Atlanta Co-Host 2000-2002 now at the DIY Network
Mary Stimmel Editorial Director, Viewpoint Host 1973-1990 retired; lives on the GA coast and France
Brad Stone Traffic Reporter last seen at WSB-TV
Mary Tan General Assignment Reporter now communication coordinator in Brooklyn Park, MN
Jim Thomas Producer/Reporter/Anchor 1979-1980 retired
Tony Thomas general assignment reporter 2009 now at WSB-TV
Cory Thompson Weekend Anchor/Reporter 1998-2004 now Board Director at DeKalb Technical College
Mirtha Vaca General Assignment Reporter 2001-2004 last seen at KING-TV in Seattle
Harmon Wages Sports Anchor/Reporter
Richard Warner Reporter/Substitute host "Good Day Atlanta" 1993-2003 now at Georgia Public Broadcasting
Shirley Washington Anchor/Reporter now at KTVI-TV
Bernard Watson General Assignment Reporter now at WGCL-TV
Ken Watts Anchor/Reporter 1981-1997 formerly of WXIA-TV, now at HD Net
Cheryl White Weekday morning meteorologist and Traffic Analyst 2006-2012
Kelly Wolf General Assignment Reporter
Brenda Wood Anchor/Reporter 1988-1997 now at WXIA-TV
Judy Woodruff Anchor/Reporter 1970-1975 now on PBS's News Hour

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