Radio-TV Broadcast History
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WMCY was an actualy on-campus radio station that was located on the basement level of Mercy College - Main Campus, 555 Broadway, Dobbs Ferry, New York.

It was an on-campus only station, broadcasting out only into several areas of the college campus.

The stations original control board was purchased from WAPP Radio station in New York City.

The station had an approximate 20 years run before the college board closed the station down for reasons that I do not know.

(I was a DJ, Systems Director and Program Director during my duration there Sept 86 to June 1989)

Member of the station did not need to be broadcasting and journalism majors to join the station. It was more of a student activities club as oppossed to being a class-related course. The college actually did not have an on-site broadcasting class. Student's that enrolled in the broadcasting end of journalism had to take classes at nearby Seton College. This may have lead to the ultimate decision to close it down, as it was not considered a necessary part of the academic life at Mercy.

Its prime popular years were mainly during the 1985 to 1992 years. Mainly due to the emerging diversity of music with college students of the late 80's, and the fact that it had the second largest number of students actively enrolled in its club. The station operated Monday Thru Thursday from 8am to sometime after 5pm. During some semesters the station had was closed on Fridays and used for production purposes, as Fridays had traditionally lightly number of students in the college. During some semesters the station operated from around 9 am to around 2pm. Also during some semesters, nightime programming was experimented with, having the station open until about 7pm for the nighttime students. This also was not a consistant time of broadcasting and varied each semester depending upon student availability and school approval. The station was never open for broadcasts on Saturday or Sundays.

The station sponsored many different social events on campus, being one of the few student organizations that was allowed to have beer served at its school events.