Radio-TV Broadcast History
  • Date: ...March 1, 1923-January 22, 1926 ( Note: This station was off the air for some time in 1924; it does not appear in a Federal Government list of licensed stations dated June 30, 1924. The license actually expired July 13 and was not immediately renewed; it was renewed on October 17, 1924. The license expired again on January 22, 1926 and was not renewed until August 19, under the new call sign KWUC. It is possible that the actual change of call occurred prior to January 22, 1926, as the license in force at that time permitted the change of callsign, and an issue of Stevenson's Bulletin of Radio Broadcasting Stations dated February 1926[1] indicated that KWUC had been discontinued.)
  • Frequency:
    • 833 kHz (...March 1, 1923-June 30, 1923...)
    • 1190 khz (...June 30, 1925...)
  • Location:
  • Owner of license:
  • Subsequent call letters: KWUC


  1. Stevenson's Bulletin of Radio Broadcasting Stations (Washington, D. C.: National Publishing Co.). February 1926. Retrieved 2016-04-04.